‘SketchingDIS: Hand-drawn sketching in HCI’ is a one-day workshop at DIS 2017 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems.

Hand-drawn sketches can be an easy way for HCI researchers to communicate and express ideas, as well as to document, explore and communicate concepts between the researcher and user, collaborator, manager or client. These sketches are fast, lightweight, easy to create, and – by varying their fidelity – they can be used in all stages of the HCI research and design process. Here, we aim to explore themes around sketching in HCI with the aim of producing tangible outputs in the form of visual records, articles and papers that review and promote this technique in HCI as a field.

SketchingDIS will bring together researchers from various disciplines that have incorporated hand-drawn sketching into their everyday research practice, to share knowledge and methodologies, generate ideas, practice collaborative sketching, and to discuss the future of hand-drawn sketching in HCI and DIS itself.

Workshop Aims

SketchingDIS will bring together individuals from industry and academia that have an interest or have used hand-drawn sketching in HCI research. The workshop aims to:

1) Discuss the future of hand-drawn sketching, e.g. What is preventing hand-drawn sketching in HCI research from being more visible in the HCI community? What research does SketchingDIS community deems worthy of further investigation?

2) Exercise and discussion to explore the idea that hand-drawn sketching is not just about drawing, when HCI researchers sketch, they talk, they interact and they collaborate. Thus, we aim to answer: What is the significance, benefits and pitfalls of hand-drawn sketching in HCI? We will ask attendees to form groups to brainstorm ideas and then compare and contrast the results.

3) Develop a roadmap and agenda for greater engagement with sketching in the HCI community: brainstorm and document key barriers and issues (e.g. reproducibility), research directions, and training or education necessary.

4) Discuss how sketching is currently taught in HCI curricula and identify opportunities to increase its use for communication and its recognition as a key skill.

5) Produce an overview of the value of sketching at DIS and in the wider HCI community by drawing upon the visual and written abilities of the attendees, to be published in Interactions, or at a future conference. Attendees will also be encouraged to take their own style of visual notes during the sessions as a reflective tool.

*** SketchingDIS: Hand-drawn Sketching in HCI is now accepting day delegates, please register before the workshop http://dis2017.org/register/ ***

Important dates

  • Call for Papers opens: 24 March 2017
  • Participants’ final submissions: (on or before): 21 April 2017 May 2017
  • Notification of acceptance: 8 May 2017
  • Day delegates: http://dis2017.org/register/  (please register before the workshop)
  • Workshop day: 10th June 2017